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Business Entities seen in Java GUI not in HTLM and no longer in DWH OCI 7.3.2


Here is an interesting one. Business Entities were added when using version 7.3.0 via the Java GUI. Export from Server to DWH was set and worked. Upgrade to 7.3.2 several months later and DWH reports showing entities and entites in HTML worked as expected until late Dec. 
This is noticed now as I am working up the monthly reports. 


Checking the Java GUI if I go to an internal volume, right click and select Set Business Entities it shows the previously set entry.

Go to HTML 5 GUI (default GUI), search for the intneral volume, and look at Business Entites it says None.
Late Dec the DWH had an issue that required a restart of the platform. This "might" be a reason if, there weren't 4 arrays impacted that all show different dates for when the annotations were no longer reported. (Maybe weird is a better description than interesting.)

Any ideas on this one prior to going to support?




Just found the a link to when the arrays stopped showing business entities on different dates. The dates matched when we upgrade the arrays. Since the internal volume names nor the array names  changed, why would the business entities be removed?



"Curiouser and curiouser." Alice cried.


This sounds weird.


The internal id of the array may not be the display name of the array. If the internal id changed for some reason due to the array firmware upgrade, I can see how this happened. I am mildly surprised that if this is the case, that the Java client is behaving as you are experiencing.


What storage platform are we talking about?




Oracle ZFS Arrays. went from v8.7.8 to 8.7.22. A minor upgrade for security and other patches.


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