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CDOT Disaster Recovery with WFA


Hi Everyone,

I'm in the process of migrating my 7DOT systems to CDOT 8.2.1, and I made the mistake of assuming that a "vfiler dr" equivalent would be available (It's not)  I hear it may be included in 8.3 but that won't be available until later this year.

My investigations so far have turned up very little so I'm turning to the community to see if anyone has already solved this problem with WFA, or Powershell.

So far I have WFA running and have been messing around with it but finding it a bit of a struggle.

My ideal is to have a workflow that runs once a day to:

  • pick up any new volumes that have been added on a vserver basis and snapmirror them to a DR vserver at site2 and site3
  • Capture changed or new NFS exports policies and rules and apply them to the DR vservers
  • Capture changed or new CIFS shares and store them for use when DR is called (I believe you cannot apply the CIFS shares until DR is activate because you cannot have 2 vservers with the same AD domain account and cifs aliases don't seem to be supported in CDOT)

DR activate or DR testing at site2 or site3

  • Break the snapmirror relationships
  • Create LIF with original vserver IP's
  • Setup the CIFS server and share permissions

I'd love to see some example workflows to get me started





There are some worklows which were developed by Mirko. (Search in WFA communities by mirko)

I can share those with you, for your reference, if you can share your email address.

You can check those and see if any of those will help.