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OCI Trial License



I need to extend the trial period for an OCI POC and I've received a license expiring on june 11th. The validity period is 30 days starting from the day of generation of the license but unluckly customer was ready only 15 days ago. So we've losen half of the period!

Anyway people are asking us for the OCI serial number but I'm not able to find the serial in this 7.0 release. It's not reported neither in the oci server web portal setup pages and in the license one neither in the client under help/about.

Can you help me?

Is it possibile to have a new license at all avoiding this s/n issue where I will remove the old and I will put the new one?



Re: OCI Trial License


If you launch a web browser on the OCI server, and then navigate to http://localhost/, on the right hand side under 'Advanced'  there's a link to the OCI License Portal.

Re: OCI Trial License


I think not in version 7 as I've written.
This above is the result.

Re: OCI Trial License


Hey Giacomo,

You are right - this is a gap in OCI 7.0.0. It seems that this will be fixed in OCI 7.0.1

If you have the original license file, you may be able to get the serial number out of it

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