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Showing Details for a LUN


I've been asked by a colleague if OCI shows the IO Group or controller owner for an individual LUN.  I can't see an option to display this information.  Does anyone know of a way to show this information?



Hey Jules,

What version of OCI are you running? OCI 6.4.1 and higher has the notion of a "node" introduced into OCI, as well as HA Pair. We have SVC node visibility as of OCI 6.4.3, or if you have installed Service Pack / onto OCI 6.4.1/6.4.2 respectively

I honestly forget if we show one node, or two nodes in the node column for each volume on SVC. I know we show the 2 nodes in an IO group as a HA pair in some of the grouping pull down boxes in some of the performance flows from the right click -> Analyze function.

Currently, the node info does not flow into the OCI DWH, so if you are asking in the context of reporting, we'd need to rethink this.

I am out of the office at a Splunk event today, so I am a bit restrained into looking into this deeper today



Hi Matt

We are currently running, but I can't see any information in the Nodes column of the Volumes detail view on the Storage array tab. 

Enjoy your day.


Hey Jules,

Do you own Perform?

If yes, if you right click -> Anayze one of your SVC, do you see all the nodes (controllers) inside the cluster? If you do not, please email me at ostiguy at netapp dot com - I think you may be hitting a known bug that we have a SVC datasource patch for.