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Can't delete cluster from OCUM/OCPM




I updated OCPM from 2.0 to 2.1 and then to 7.1P2, and the OCUM from 7.0 to 7.1P2, build up as appliance.

I integrated the OCPM fully into OCUM


Now we had to install (made by our support-partner) one of our cluster new due to disadvantageous konfiguration.


The cluster was linked with linked with OCPM bevore I integrated the OCPM fully into OCUM.

After installation,  the cluster shows not parired, no data available for health, capacitya and performance. tired to rediscover, but no effect. reboot of OCUM and OCPM, but the new build up cluster wasn't discovered.

Tried to edit or to delete cluster, but it failed



Faild to delete cluster from Unified  Manager. Cluster with resourcekey : xxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx-xx:type=cluster... does not exist.

what can I do? How to remove this cluster an do new integration?




Re: Can't delete cluster from OCUM/OCPM




Try using um cli login -u <admin_user> -p <password>

um datasource list 

um datasource remove <datasource-id>

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Re: Can't delete cluster from OCUM/OCPM


Hi Sahana


OPM and OUM are build up as virtual appliances, so it's not possible for me to start a "normal" cli.

I can only do some configurations, change ip or something like this by selecting one point from the main menu. It's not possible to type a command.


So because it seems not to be possible to remove the orphaned cluster, I  deleted the OUM server and make one new. Server was just running for some weeks, so there are only little data

Now the state of the cluster is fine Robot wink


Thank you!

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