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Cannot identify resource being over-utilized


We get alerts almost every night about Node Resources Over-Utilized and then about 10 minutes later the obselete email as well. But the alert doesn't specify what node resource was over-utilized. Was it CPU, MEM, DISK or some networking counter? The event details doesn't really show much either. Any idea how I can identify what resource is being over-utilized?


This is what it looks like:


Subject: Alert from OnCommand Unified Manager: Node Resources Over-utilized Warning Threshold Breached (State: New)



A risk was generated by localhost that requires your attention.


Risk          - Node Resources Over-utilized Warning Threshold Breached

Impact Area   - Performance

Severity      - Warning

State         - New

Source        - node name

Trigger Condition - Utilization value of 97% on node name has triggered a WARNING event based on threshold setting of 85%.

Description   - All Warning Alerts


Event details:



Source details:



Alert details:




Do not reply to this email. This is an automatically generated email and replies to this email address are not attended to.



Re: Cannot identify resource being over-utilized




the event you pasted is what the On Command perf passes to On Command Unified, and that's why it's lacking...


if you click on the event you will see a description like "Description:     Perf. Capacity Used value of 109% on NODE1 has triggered a WARNING event to identify potential performance problems in the data processing unit."


In case of the alert i published. it's driven from configuration i have in "configuration">"performance thresholds" but there are some that are built in and not configurable 😞




Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

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