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Conflict in Switch performance data




I have created a switch performance report for a customer including different metrics like CRC error, Link failre count, sync loss count, signal loss count, encoding in/out errors. But when I compare the report output with the historical graph from web UI. There is a conflict.


Most of above performance metrics showing some values like 4,6,20 and encoding in/out showing values range from -90,000,000 to 800,000,000. When I open same port from webUI and see the history, that shows 0 for all parameters. When we checked the stats on switch, it also show 0 errors. Same thing observed on many switches.


Does ETL process change anything during its process? I tried to set aggregate and roll up function to none. Not worked


OCI version 7.2.3-206

Brocade 6510

Brocade 6520

Brocade 8510



Re: Conflict in Switch performance data


Case has been opened for that with support.

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