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Netapp Grafana: Netapp Detail 7Mode Lun Panel - Init Failed



Currently having two issue. The setup is:


NABox 2.3

Netapp SDK 5.7

Harvest 1.3


Ive recently upgraded the NABox from 2.2 to 2.3 using the upgrade .tgz file. Also upgraded the Netapp SDK from 5.6



I have two groups setup in Grafana, one for PROD and one for QA.


Issue 1.

So when viewing the PROD group under panel Netapp Dashboard:7-mode Group..all fine.

When i then switch to Netapp Detail: 7-mode Lun......all fine


Now when i view the group QA....all is ok from the 7-mode Group.

However, when i then try to use the 7-mode Lun panel, i get the following message:


Templating init failed

[object object]



The only way ive managed to get this to work is

- from the 7-mode group panel, select a node instead of 'all'

- then switch to 7-mode Lun Panel


This then displays luns for that selected node. I cannot select a different node or group from within that panel as it just 'freezes'



Issue 2.

The IO Blocksize and Write IOPs fail with

'request error'


Also get a 'request error' for view 'IOP Denisty' located in the 7-mode Volume Panel