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Created New Acquisition Units But Not Reporting In


I don't mind opening a support ticket on this but I thought I'd try here first. I'm running OCI 7.3.1 build 444.


I added two new Acquisition Units a couple of days ago but I can't get them to report in to the OCI server. They show up in the list of AUs but on the "Last Reported" column, the statuses for the new AUs has always been "Never". The RAU software is the same version as the server, the Sanscreen ACQ service is running on both of the new servers. There just seems to be some kind of communication issue going on. I have 6 other AUs that are working fine (including local). We are looking into going to a remote Solutions Enabler solution instead of installing RAUs on every one of our SE servers.


I tried installing a data source that utilizes one of the AUs in case that was required before they would "report in" but any data source that I point to the new AUs fails. Just a note that all of the Solutions Enabler communication on those servers to the arrays seems to be working fine.


So has anyone seen this type of behavior before? Any suggestions on which logs to check? I'm wondering if I missed some detail in the install although I can't think of what that could be. The installs are fairly straightforward.


Thanks for any input. --Don





Hey Don,


RAUs don't have a lot of brains to them - they basically make a HTTPS connection to the OCI server, and through that, speak some APIs to OCI to bootstrap themselves - they download datasource code from the server, learn what datasources live on them, etc.


It is somewhat odd to me that the RAU would actually have registered (which is what I am interpreting from your screenshot - if they hadn't, you wouldn't seem them), so we can somewhat assume that there are no name resolution issues, as otherwise they wouldn't have gotten that far.


Most RAU problems are in the networking/DNS realm/OCI server has a firewall enabled domain.


Here, it would be worth looking at the ..\sanscreen\acq\log\acq.log master acquisition logs from these 2 RAU





Thanks Matt. Yeah, according to the logs, everything seems to look ok. It verifies that it can see the OCI server and everything seems to initialize. I don't see any errors. They do show up in the list of AUs but just don't seem to report in.


I'll probably go ahead and open a support ticket on it. I'm sure there is something I'm missing.


Just an update. The Acquisition Unit  "Last Reported" status of "Never" will remain until a valid Data Source is configured to use the AU and actually communicates to the AU correctly. Then the "Last Reported" field populates. I mistakenly thought that once you installed an RAU on a server and pointed it to OCI it would "check in".


My issues were with the configuration of the Data Source, not the Acquisition Unit.