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DWH Cognos Reports & Content Store Management


Hi all,


Is there a way to get the reports more smart than the copy to clipboard/paste from clipboard?

I've tried to find information on Cognos related web sites but it's not immediate also because is not my matter.


Imagine that you have a DWH already running with its fine customized reports and you've another customer that has built a lot of reports with rich features. In case the customer could share with me it's a very annoying operation to copy them in clipboard and to save as a file, then to open, copy and past from clipboard. One by one!

In case there are a lot of well done and interesting reports, already organized in folder and/or packages could be “exported” and “imported” in massive way?


I know that reports are somewhere in content store databases, but how to get them massively?



PS) I know that backup and restore is a method but this is not usable in an existing DWH environment with its own reports and configuration because the restore scratch the existing reports.




Re: DWH Cognos Reports & Content Store Management


You can set up a Cognos export job to include folders and possibly reportsof your choosing.  When run, this will back up the selected reports.  You can copy the resulting file to another Cognos instance, create an import job, and import it there. 


Look for this functionality under Cognos Administration. 



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Re: DWH Cognos Reports & Content Store Management

Tank you. I will check this next Monday.

Re: DWH Cognos Reports & Content Store Management




thank you very much. I've just checked in the lab and it's quite easy to do it.

As general information for others with the same problem I have to advice that only the public folder and its content can be exported or archived.

So if you have to export something located in My Folder(*) copy all this content in a new folder under the public one and then export it. The same could be done with the Pulic Folder content itself. Separating in a different folder will permit to import everything without affecting the original content.


The zip file with the content is stored in the default location <sanscreen folder>\cognos\c10_64\deployment



(*) My Folder is anyway stored in the normal DWH backup procedure of the database


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