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DWH Report - filter syntax query


I often find I need to filter out similar types of systems like ESX or Backup servers which have multiple Host volumes attached and is easy enough in one way in that they generally have a good naming convention but my issue is to filter them I use something like...

[Source Hosts] not contains ('esxsrv')

Which works find and captures and excludes all esxsrv_xxx servers but I don't know why the following wont work as I do this exact same filter but without the 'not' when wanted to only include certain systems...

[Source Hosts] not contains ('esxsrv','bckp_srv_')

Which won't work however if I only wanted to include the esx and backup servers the follow would be fine...

[Source Hosts] contains ('esxsrv','bckp_srv_')

I work around this by just add each server type as a separate filter but wondered why this won't with when using 'not' in the filter?



A Google search for "cognos filter multiple strings" (no quotes) suggests that the proper syntax would be to put OR between the strings: 

CONTAINS( [column], ' " *Ta* " ' OR ' " *Pi* " ')

I haven't tried it yet but if that doesn't work it's likely another page in the search results will contain the answer.