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DWH Reporting - Data Glossary?




I am looking for a detailed description of the data fields in the OCI.  
In the "OnCommand Insight 7.3 Documentation Center" under "Data model fact and dimension tables" you can find the sentence:"For explanations of all data elements used in creating reports, see the Data Glossary ". But where can I find this Data Glossary?

A lot of fields are self-explanatory, some others are not. For example, one evaluation by time period is called "Quarter". What is behind this? Is there an average quarterly result here? Or a value at the end of the quarter (31.03., 30.06., 30.09., 31.12.)?


I have searched several times for a description of the data model behind OCI, but never found it.



Thank you.

Best regards




Re: DWH Reporting - Data Glossary?


Hello Michael,


You can find the data glossary by cklicking on the Help (?) icon => "Schema Help" => "Database Schema" on the dwh admin portal https://<dwh_server>/dwh.

Or simply: https://<dwh_server>/dwh/faces/docs/frames.xhtml


For the quarter field, you're probably looking at the dwh_capacity.date_dimension or dwh_performance.date_dimension table, where the description for the repQuarter column is: "Indicates whether this date is the first date available for its quarter."


I hope this helps.


Kind regards,


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Re: DWH Reporting - Data Glossary?


That's it - thank you very much. I have searched in different guides, obviously not good enough.


Best regards





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