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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

NetApp-Harvest support for OCUM 7.2?



I just upgraded Oncommand Unified Manager to version 7.2RC1 and I've installed and configured NetApp-Harvest 1.3.

There was no template for OCUM 7.2x so I copied the template ocum-7.1.0.conf to ocum-7.2.0.conf hoping that this would be close enough.

This seems to work with the exception of a few high level efficiency graphs coming up empty (drill down graphs are accurate).


When will there be official support for OCUM 7.2 in NetApp Harvest?





Since Chris is now gone, will this be something that NetApp will maintain past 1.4?


I was just looking to get started with this, but if there is currently no plan to maintain, I will look elsewhere.


For the forseable future, there is a plan to maintain it, but just to be clear, it is not a "NetApp" plan to maintain it, it still relies on good will of individuals, like Chris before.

Short answer is "yes", same as before 🙂


Completly understood.


@yannb - I'm curious why not maintain Harvest on github? 


I'm sure many of us would be willing to contribute or at least identify bugs; if the project ever dies we can at least fork it.  


Releasing a new version of Harvest or anything on toolchest is extremely painful, but we are working on it.


This will be solved in Harvest 1.4 when it's available. In the meantime, renaming the template with "7.2" instead of "7.1" does the job.


Latest beta of NAbox will take care of it for you as well.


Hi Yann,


Are you stating that NAbox has Harvest 1.4 or that it will handle poilling newer Ontap with Harvest 1.3?





I was wondering the same thing. 


I just downloaded NAbox for testing and saw that Harvest was not loaded. Was wondering how to get 1.4 on it for testing..


Any update?


September (and October for that matter) have come and gone with no 1.4 in the tool chest...


Second that, hoping this is coming soon. Is there any info on a release date?


Just so everyone knows, Chris Madden has left NetApp.


We will have to wait and see if anyone else at NetApp steps up and takes over the Harvest coding or if we have to do it on our own. 


Hello Chris,

any news when harvest 1.4 (?) will be available? Except the general support for OCUM 7.2 (and higher) and ONTAP 9.2 (and higher), are there any other planned enhancements regarding new counters and/or dashboards for ONTAP 9.2?


Thanks in advance and any information would be appreciated.




Hi @stefanhoenig


I just prepared a RC release for testing that includes ONTAP 9.2 and OCUM 7.2 support.  It also has vscan added.  Prior to the GA I also want to get Fabric Pools in there, but if it proves too much work I'd rather get the release out there sooner than later.


Thanks for your patience!



Chris Madden

Solution Architect - 3rd Platform - Systems Engineering NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

Blog: It all begins with data


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Would love to see this update soon, we are currently holding off our ONTAP and OCUM upgrade as we do not want to lose the Harvest metrics.


Any estimate on when we can expect this to be available?


I am busy working on it now and expect it will post in September.  It will also include some goodies like vscan, fabric pool metrics, and the additional ability to send metrics to OCI for graphing 🙂



Chris Madden

Solution Architect - 3rd Platform - Systems Engineering NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

Blog: It all begins with data


If this post resolved your issue, please help others by selecting ACCEPT AS SOLUTION or adding a KUDO or both!


Hi, any news with new version support?



Hi, how do you await the new version, downgrade the ocum version?



Hi Madden,


Our client has updated its NetApp infrastructure (5 clusters with 24 nodes in total) to Ontap 9.2.
Therefore the collects are no longer progressing.


Do you have any news about any updates for Harvest 1.4 RC/GA or any availability date? 🙂


Thanks for your response.

Best regards.


Vincent L.
FPS France


Hi @VinceLH


The software (v1.4) is code complete and is now in the release pipeline for posting to the toolchest.  It supports ONTAP 9.2, OCUM 7.2, and also has vscan and fabric pool support added.  Until it posts to the toolchest you can also simply copy the ONTAP 9.1 template file in /opt/netapp-harvest/template/default/ to the ONTAP 9.2 naming convention, and likewise for OCUM 7.1 -> 7.2.  Later when you update to the toolchest release you'll just get the new features as well.


Hope this helps!


Chris Madden




Any consideration to use OnCommand API services along with or in place of OCUM?



Matt S.


+1 to switch to influxdb over graphite




If you want a database backend then look at biggraphite.  


Its a droping replacement for graphite with a distributed Cassandra backend, nothing else would need changing, even grafana thinks its talking to normal graphite.

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