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Direct cDOT DataSource, Direct Clustered ONTAP - WFA 3.1RC1




Im having some issue adding a Direct cDot DataSource using Tim Kleingel PS script.


Netapp filer is 2 x AFF8080, 9.1P8

WFA v4.0 on Win2008R2 SP1


I'm able to add the cluster credentials and test successfully. When i add the the "Direct Clustered ONTAP - WFA 3.1RC1" script, the acquisition part fails with message from log:


04/30/2018 17:26:42: Started with arrays='clustername' flags='wfa'

04/30/2018 17:26:54: Error on clustername [last action 'Collecting fcp port data']: There is an error in XML document (1, 4247).


The strage thing is that the "Direct Clustered ONTAP - WFA 3.1RC1" datasource type works fine on other controllers of the same type and ontap version.

It seems like a netapp PS cmdlet error? What XML file is the error referring to? Any advise to remedy this (i already have a case open, but been two weeks waiting to hear feedback i am chasing them)?




Re: Direct cDOT DataSource, Direct Clustered ONTAP - WFA 3.1RC1


Did you restore a WFA backup on this server. Credentials are invalidated once you restore a backup from one installtion to another ? You should look at the section called "migrating WFA installation" in the install and setup guide. Or you could just delete and add the credentials back again

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