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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

During installing WFA, enter the detail for OnCommand Unified Manager?


At beginning of installing WFA, just completed Run wfa_ocsetup.exe on this WFA server, then come to the next screen (please see the attachment), asking me to enter OnCommand Unified Manager.

I don't know what to do here.

1. Is OnCommand Unified Manager the same as my DFM server which is different from this WFA server?

2. By default, What is wfa account? should it be created on that OnCommand Unified Manager server, or is it just a local account on WFA server?

Thanks for your help!



You will need to select the correct version of DFM (Yes, Unified Manager is the same application as DFM but the name changed) and follow the steps to run the correct version of wfa_ocsetup on that host (the DFM host).  This will create the WFA user in the database of the DFM (now known as Unified Manager) and set the password.  Once this is complete, the connection should be made.

If you need more help with the steps, then I would suggest taking a look at the videos in the How-To section.  There is a great Getting Started Series which walks through the initial setup and even your first workflow


Welcome to the community.

Jeremy Goodrum, NetApp

The Pirate

Twitter: @virtpirate

Blog: www.virtpirate.com


Great! I definitely would look through your link late.

For now, could you please help me on the following:

I have made progress, and passed that screen of entering the detail for DFM host. Now I am in the screen of verifying credentials. It got failed on 5 filers, and succeeded on 3 filers.

Any idea on the reason of the failure? I can log into it via putty by using the same account

Also, why it picked up an IP for the backup segment, not the primary IP for these filers?

Thank you!


Yeah, this is pretty well covered in the Getting Started Series.  However, the addresses for the Controllers comes from how they are registered in Unified Manager.  So if the address is registered using the non-management IP then that is what is displayed.  Have you manually selected the controllers and added the credentials?  Is it possible that the IP address presented is not reachable by the WFA server?  When WFA tests the credentials, a API login call is tested to verify network and credential connectivity.

Jeremy Goodrum, NetApp

The Pirate

Twitter: @virtpirate

Blog: www.virtpirate.com


Thanks for sharing your in-depth knowledge.

I will be checking how filers are registered on DFM. However, these filers and their corresponding IP's are picked up and listed automatically, I just highlighted them and Enter Credentials. IP is reachable from DFM, and even allow me to log into it via the IP and putty on DFM.


No worries.  Can the WFA server reach these addresses?  The Controller list is automatically discovered when WFA contacts the Unified Manager host and requests a list of the registered Controllers. 

Jeremy Goodrum, NetApp

The Pirate

Twitter: @virtpirate

Blog: www.virtpirate.com


You are pointing me to a right direction!

WFA can not reach these filers via discovered IP's. However, DFM can reach them.

Now, I guess what I need to do is to use IP's are reachable by both DFM and WFA, and use the IP to register with DFM, and let WFA to re-list corresponding entries.

How do I re-register the filer with an IP that I want on DFM? As far as I know, I would not or did not use IP's for backup to register.

Then after that, how do I trigger DFM/WFA to rediscover the right IP's?


As it sounds like there is a firewall in the path between storage controllers and WFA (and possibly DFM). You may also want to see if you can get the same firewall rules applied to WFA that are applied to DFM. Then they should both be able to communicate with the same sets of IP addresses.



No, there are no firewalls anywhere in this infrastructure.

The IP discovered by DFM/WFA is backup vlan, and not suitable in this application, as well as not reachable from WFA, The IP I want to use is reachable.

However DFM put that unreachable IP there, and how to trigger DFM/WFA to use the IP I want?



Could anybody please offer any ideas?


You have mentioned that "WFA can not reach these filers via discovered IP's."

Are your able to ping the filers from the machine in which WFA is installed?

Log into the machine in which WFA is installed. Open command window.

Ping the filers from the command window. Let us know if the filer can be pinged.



I probably did not make myself clear.

I can not ping filers from the server by using discovered IP that WFA is installed. this IP is for the backup on the filer, and I don't want to use it for WFA/DFM.

Is there any way to ask DFM to discover another IP? the primary /MANAGEMENT IP on the filer can be pinged by both WFA server and DFM server.

Looking forward to hear you further. Thanks!



    Can you run this command/cli on your dfm server and find what is the ip address configured and change the same.

[root@vmlnx221-118 ~]# dfm host get <filername-or-id>

Host:                                        filer.name.domain

Login:                                       root

Password:                                    ********

Login Protocol:                              rsh

Preferred IP address 1:

Preferred IP address 2:

Primary IP Address:                          10.x.x.x.

Remote Platform Management IP Address:

Console Terminal Server Address:

Host CPU Too Busy Threshold (%):             95

Host CPU Busy Threshold Interval:            00:15:00

Ping Method:                                 echo_snmp

Administration Transport:                    http

NDMP Login:                                  root

NDMP Password:                               ********

Administration Port:                         80

Performance Advisor Transport:               httpOnly

Preferred SNMP Version:                      1

Hosts.equiv Enabled:                         No

Maximum Active Data Transfers:

Performance Advisor Data Export Enabled:     No

Host vFiler Default Interface:

Primary IP Address Inconsistency Action:

Automatically collect per-client statistics: No

Host clock skew threshold:                   1 minute

Host clock nearly skewed threshold:          30 seconds

[root@vmlnx221-118 ~]#

Find what is the IP address against the option named hostPrimaryAddress. DFM communicates with the filer/controller using the IP specified against this opitons.

Use dfm host set <filername-or-id> hostPrimaryAddress=<new IP address accessible via WFA/DFM>

Hope this helps and solves your issue.




Hi Ada,

You correctly pinpointed the issue here.

I am very curious on why that backup IP is picked up by DFM. This is rarely used IP. I can not think of any situation it could be used on DFM server.

Any guess?

Thank you!


Just to be clear, that you are running OCUM5.x and not OCUM6.x.



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