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Exclude HDS devices during discovery



I want to exclude some devices from Hitachi data source which have approx 30 devices under it.

The guide says, "Comma-separated list of devices, identified by device ID, that will not be discovered by this data source. For this data source, an example would be: ARRAY.HDS9570V.65010524"

In the exclude device option, I tried to add:

1. <Storage_array_name> for eg HDS-AKEH

2. <Storage_array_name>.<serial number> for eg HDS-AKEH.1234

3. ARRAY.<Storage_array_name>.<serial number> for eg  ARRAY.HDS-AKEH.1234

4. ARRAY.<Storage_model_name>.<serial number> for eg ARRAY.USP_VM.1234 or ARRAY.HDSUSP_VM.1234

But none of them is working.

After successful acquisition, I still see that array discovered under same data source.

Any idea?



ARRAY.WMS100.71010252 is an example of a device ID for exclusion.

Note - excluding a device inhibits it from future acquisition. It does NOT remove the existing originator record.

In the devices microview in the Data Sources view, right click the array you want to no longer be associated with this datasource -> Inactivate Originator

This will take some time - when it is done:

If this is the only datasource reporting on this device, this device should appear "dead" in the appropriate OCI view

If there were 2 or more datasources reporting on this device (generally a very bad thing), you now have one fewer datasource reporting on this device.

Force acquisition on this datasource - if the exclusion is correct ,the device will not come back (as defined as seen in the devices microview for the data source in question)