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FAS270 Web Interface



It's me again. In a previous post a asked how to reset the FAS270 to factory defaults.

I was not able to find a user manuan neither in our internal "Archives" or on the web so I must rely on your experience.

After totaly wiping all the data from the disks i wanted to use the web interface, but it says that servlets are not enabled.

So how to enable them ?




The content of root volume (including web server etc) is provided as part of standard DataONTAP update archive. Just perform standard update procedure using the same (or newer) version you currently have.

Well like I said before all of our user manuals have "Vanished" so if you have a link to a PDF or the instructions I would be happy to update my device


Hi David,

Check out the HTTP site license is there or not in the filer(issue command: "license" in CLI). If not u can add the license (issue command: "license add <http_license>" in CLI).

After this check the value of some of the httpd options and set it like the following:

httpd.access                 legacy
httpd.admin.access           legacy
httpd.admin.enable           on
httpd.admin.ssl.enable       on     (OPTIONAL)
httpd.enable                 on
httpd.rootdir                /vol/vol0/home/http  (OPTIONAL, can change it later)

These steps should solve the problem i.e "servlets not enabled", and let u log into FilerView and perform the rest of the settings via web interface.

Post if the problem persists.





After disk wipe java will not be enabled in the filer. You can confirm it using the command java in filer console. To get java enabled you have to re install the data ontap image once again.


Thumped from my blackberry please excuse typos.


In case anyone else does a Google search for 'servlets not enabled NetApp' I wanted to add another fix...

In ONTAP version 8.1 they removed the 'FilerView' HTTP interface.  This is mentioned in the release notes.

Unfortunately the filer does not say 'This feature has been deprecated'.  Instead it says 'ERROR 500 Servlets not enabled'.

NetApp recommends using the OnCommand System Manager as a replacement for FilerView.


The title says "FAS270". There is no way to run 8.1 on FAS270, so whether or not FAS270 removed FilerView is irrelevant.



This IS relevant info for me... I didn't know.




Thanks JDCARPENTER9.  This helped me out.


By wiping the disks, you've removed the software that Data Ontap needs to function, part of which is the web interface for administration.

If you have a NetApp support contract, go here and download the latest version of Data Ontap for the FAS270:

I would recommend updating to 7.3.2, as it is the latest release that supports the FAS270.

Follow these directions to upgrade/install the Data ONTAP software:

Don't forget to re-enable the software licenses that you had previously, hopefully you wrote them down?

You do not need a HTTP software license for the remote administration, as that is only if you want to use the FAS270 as a basic web server for serving static HTML content.

Hope that helps.


To expand on guiliano's post, Data ONTAP resides in two places.  The primary location is the compact flash card on the motherboard/system controller.  However, this is just the kernel file which boots the system and contains all the ONTAP commands, features and functions.  The root volume on the disks contains configuration files, log files, and all the files for the FilerView GUI and the ONTAP documentation (if you load it).  When a system is rebuilt/paved/nuked/etc.using options 4 or 4a in maintenance mode, the kernel file remains on the CF card but everything in the root volume is wiped clean.

The errors you received are a good indication Data ONTAP hasn't been installed to root volume, but these can also be attributed to network and/or browser issues.  There best way to determine if the root volume is incomplete are:

1.  vol size <root vol name>  - if the size is less than 100MB, the FilerView files are missing

2. type: java  - if you get an error, the FilerView files are missing or corrupt


I recently did this:

  1. Connect to the serial console.  Reboot.
  2. At the right point press CTRL-C, you will probably end up in netboot.  Type "autoboot" or, boot from the internal PC Flash card.
  3. At the right point press CTRL-C (again) to enter maintenance mode.
  4. Once in "maintenance mode" select option "4a" to rebuild with flexible volumes.
  5. Reboot, go through initial setup.
  6. Your filer sort of comes up, but has a bunch of missing files errors, and gives the "Error 500 Servlets Not Enabled" error for FilerView.  Use "software update http://192.168.1.XX/733_setup_e.exe" to install the full version of DataONTAP.

What I'd really like is to run Data ONTAP 100% from the flash drive, with no vol0.


Can anyone tell me how te download  the latest version or the version that was released at the time I  bought mine FAS270. I lost the software and my support contract is not  valid anymore. It's weird that you cannot the download the software that  you allready paid for, without a support contract.

Thank you in  advance! Ronald



Did you have any luck getting DataOnTAP reinstalled? I am in a similar situation with a FAS270 that has a lapsed support contract.  One of our non-storage admins recently did a wipe on the FAS270 as we were to move it to our lab, and now we can't get it running again.



Here's a radical idea.  When you download the Data ONTAP install save a copy of it like you would with any other operating system or application. How is it the vendor's problem when you lose the software and let the support contract expire?


Assuming these systems were backed up to tape, the install file is often stored in the /etc/software folder so should still be on tape.


Here is a better idea.

Not buy it in the first place because if you do and the economy goes sour and all your senior admins get let go you have no support to fall back on.

Nothing, not even for the software your company had purchased with the device.

What about that?

If I initialize my EMC device I am not left with a paper weight, with Netapp I am.

End of story...


None of our customers have paper weights.  If a customer bought the software licenses, they own them period.  Even without support, they own the original entitlement.  I don't know any SE that won't provide the customer with the binary needed to reload their system even if they are off support.  The customer doesn't get future upgrades, but owns the licenses and software already purchased.


Wow, I totally agree with you but Netapp does not.

I called and they were kind enough to get me the license keys but said I was pretty much out of luck as far as the OnTap software.

Opened a case with them and spent around 6 hours on the phone being told that they could not help me.

I am ready to just re-purchase my old version of OnTap with my own money if I can right now, sales is looking into that.

But really, how hard would it be do just send me a ftp link to that old version?


Do you have a local NetApp SE or VAR SE you know?  They will give you the download or provide FTP...especially if you own the licenses.  Outside of supports role and easy to get the code to a customer who bought it before.


Thank you for the direction.

I have left a voicemail for the vendor and will hopefully hear something soon.

Do I take it you have no NOW access at all for this?...

If you did, we were running OnTap 7.3.3 on a lab FAS270 with no problem at all, 7.3.3 is certainy on Now under current versions of OnTap, so you could load that up…

Buy an EMC…that was funny though!!!...