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Got Compellent? Got OCI?


If you are an OCI 7.0.1 or higher user, and you have Dell Compellent on the floor, we are kicking off a beta datasource process to add Compellent support to OCI.


What you need to have

Compellent arrays serving up FC, managed by a Compellent Enterprise Manager instance


OCI 7.0.1 or higher, with tcp connectivity to port 3033, or whatever port Enterprise Manager interacts with


Admin level credentials - it doesn't look like the non-admin level user accounts will have enough insight into arrays for them to be usable with our datasource


We have drop in patches to add this datasource to your existing OCI instance. This is a inventory + performance beta. One OCI datasource will discover all the Compellent arrays managed by a single EM instance - you can add additional OCI datasources for additional EM instances as necessary.


if this sounds interesting to you, PM me, or email me at ostiguy at netapp dot com