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Got OCI? Got XtremIO?


Hey all,


We have an OCI engineering effort underway to develop XtremIO support. As is fairly typical in OCI datasource development, we are looking to gather as much data as possible, as early as possible, to refine our approach and potentially be able to ship a datasource in upcoming OCI releases.


The way we gather this data is a "standalone" datasource - a zip of Java code that you unpack, and invoke via a Windows batch script, passing it parameters like the XtremIO hostname, IP and username. It will make a bunch of REST API calls to harvest data, and it will build a .zip file of all the data it collects. Run this against as many XtremeIO arrays you have, and send us the resulting .zips.


We will hopefully be in a position to make a beta OCI datasource patch available in Calendar Q1 2015 - this would be something you could drop into an OCI 7.0.1+ install, and then have the ability to discover XtremIO arrays with.


What you need:

XtremIO arrays that are REST API capable - 2.4.0-25 and higher firmware

Username +Password for the array

A Java 7 machine with http/https connectivity to the XtremeIOs

~30 minutes for a webex where we show you how to unpack, and execute the standalone

Potentially ~1-2 hours more of time to run newer versions of the standalone over the next month or so, if in the course of development we determine we need to run additional queries, etc


If this sounds interesting, private message me here, or email me at ostiguy at netapp dot com




Hi, I have a question is: If the new storage type product would like to join the OCI support list, the only way is waiting for official team develop the datasource(or datasource patch)? or how about my customer request to Netapp OCI product team for developing?


Hey Johnny,


Yes, currently the only approach for OCI datasource creation is from OCI engineering - we don't currently have an API that would allow partners or customers to write their own datasources.


What platform are you looking for support on?