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Grafana dashboard not showing data for single cluster but does show data with multiple clusters


Hi,  I have run into an issue where if I filter any single cluster in a dashbaord no data shows up, but if I filter and select more than one cluster I do get information. An example of a dashboard that does this is the “NetApp Detail: LUN” dashboard.


If I select more than one cluster, I can see the cumulative result, and the data for all the clusters is present.  It does look like the data is collected correctly by Harvest, Graphite and it does get to Grafana.


Has anyone else run into a similar issue?  How can I troubleshoot this issue?  I have attached a dashboard view when it is empty.


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Found out that if you edit the Row Options per panel, and in Repeat for "Cluster" you can individually select each cluster.



It seems to boil down to the fact that the option ALL in volume and lun, don't acutally select anything for you, and those graphs need metrics to render. So if you select one or many volumes, it should probably start showing data for you