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Help With Direct Data Sources


Hi guys,


I'm having a weird issue with direct data sources in WFA 2.2


I can add them and they seem to connect and acquire without error, but when I goto the run a workflow, it doesn't actually populate any info from the data source, the logs aren't showing me much... any hint as to where to look?


What is the process that's happening here, so I can narrow down on where the communication halts.



Thanks guys!






Can you provide some more details as :


  1. What are you trying to acquire? How did you acquire it?
  2. For getting the acquired data in workflows, you would need filters/finders or User-Input Queries. Can you tell what error are you getting? Post a screen-cap if possible. Or you just can't see the data is the filter query result.

We need more info to debug it.



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So I found out the issue with this, thanks very much for responding!!


So this is how it went:


  • Installed WFA, client requested for it to go on a different drive then the default (default: C:\Program Files\NetApp\WFA\ ..... what the client wanted D:\NetApp\WFA)
  • Everything worked fine, connection to the data sources came back green, as well as conectivity directly to the NetApps
  • Open up a workflow to test, and I saw that even though the Acqusition was successful in the data source page, the inputs were not populating with data from the data source
  • I check the logs, and it says it connects to the data source, and tries to write the data to the database, but can't find it... it's trying to save to C:\Program Files\NetApp\WFA\mysql
  • I go in and create a symbolic link from C:\Program Files\NetApp\WFA\mysql to D:\NetApp\WFA\mysql , and boom! success! I see everything in the workflow



So is the default install path hard coded anywhere? Everything else seemed to work a-ok, it was just that mysql bit.... Also to know this is using the 7toC Lun Migration workflows... not sure if that changes anything.