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Help with creating workflow


I'm trying to understand how to create a workflow that will provide a drop-down list of controllers, volumes to create a snapshot. I know I can have the user type in the ip or name of the array and the name of the volume they want to create the snapshot on but I would to see if they can be provided a drop-down list they can select from. Here is the full workflow I'm trying to get at, this is all on 7-Mode.

Any help in how to do this would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has any good help material on this please let me know.

Create snapshot on existing volume -> Initiate snapmirror update -> create flexclone using recently created snapshot -> add flexclone to vfiler -> rename flexclone volume ->



Re: Help with creating workflow



We can select the list of controllers, volume by writing query in WFA user input.

I created a sample workflow for selecting controller,volumes to create a snapshot from drop down list box.

Attaching the workflow dar file. Please import and use it.



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