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Host offline and audit report




1. Hosts offline:

I was thinking to write a report of all offline devices so that I sent it to team as a reminder to them to remove those assets from OCI. I referred inventory DM. Just for the testing purpose I pulled host name and fc port's "is active". But result is only showing all online hosts even when I have some hosts which are offline and I can see them in OCI java UI. May be the reason is Inventory DM have latest data. Then which DM can provide me the data I am looking for?


2. Audit Report

I can see the audit page from web UI and see time, user, role, ip, action and details of each activity. I need similar thing from schedule report. I almost explored all DBs in DWH server but not able to find revelent DB or table to provide that info.



On the audit front:


If you see it in the WebUI, that means there is REST API for it. Now, I don't think we have the audit log section documented in our REST API, therefore, if you were to write anything that programmatically accessed the REST API calls that the WebUI is using, that code would be at risk of breakage on upgrading to a newer OCI release.


That would currently be the only capability to automate usage of that data


Any plans to push that data into DB in further roadmap? I am asking this as this kind of report might be in more demand on the scale we are deploying OCI.


I tend to think you will not see this data flow into the DWH - as ever more customers interact with OCI programmatically in addition to the traditional UIs, it is hard for us to model what the impact of moving audit data into the DWH. For example, I recently was looking at the audit data for a customer that has built some extensive tooling against our REST API for centralized datasource management, etc - their audit logs therefore have a ton of logins with a Python user-agent string.


Instead, I think official REST API support will likely occur at some point.