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How to end an active session of the maintenance console?




I just downloaded the new OPM2.0GA to update my existing 2.0RC1 installation.

Following the install procedure I wanted to login to the maintenance console via the ESX console.


Unfortunately I get the following message:


The Maintenance Console is active on another session.
End the other session before attempting to log in again.



Problem being - I have no clue what other session that might be. The last logon from a different computer over ssh was days ago and there is also no other ESX console open.


How can I close that stale session and get into the maintenance console? I would have hoped being able overrule any login when I'm at the ESX console.


My idea would be a reboot of the VM, but I'd rather like to avoid that.


Kind regards, Niels






To avoid rebooting OPM, you would need to log into that different computer where you have logged in over ssh a few days ago, and end the ssh session there.




Hi Julia,


unfortunately OPM does not tell me what other computer that is.

As this is a demo environment, it could be anybody from a group of about 100 people.

Additionally I doubt that the session is actually still active but might not have been closed correctly by the client.


Is there really no way to kill that session from the maintenance console?


This really is a usuability issue.


regards, Niels




OPM puts the one-admin session restriction there to prevent people from overwriting each other, precisely for the reason that you have mentioned: many people are using the demo system and they would overwrite each other.


For multiple people monitoring the same OPM instance, it's best to create an Operator user account, so these people can use OPM without inadvently locking down Admin access on the maintenance console.


Unfortunately OPM does require a reboot to clear all sessions for this scenario. If you want to avoid a reboot, you could log in as a root user to kill all the sessions, but that's a Debian function and outside of OPM. 


Hope this helps. 



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