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How to enter multiple LIF info for create SVM


I’m working on creating a workflow to build SVM in our environment (by modifying "Create and configure NAS Storage Virtual Machine" certified workflow) and I have a quick question

Some of clusters are two nodes, some are four nodes and some (in future may be six or eight nodes).

When we create SVM, we create one data LIF for each node.

How would I prompt the user to enter LIF information (names, IP, gateway, netmask, etc) ?

I mean, is there any way so that wfa will prompt user to enter LIF information as many times as the number of nodes in the cluster ?

  1. e.g. for a two nodes cluster, WFA should prompt LIF information two times (one for each node)

and for a four node cluster, WFA should prompt LIF information four times (again, one for each node).

So, based on the cluster selected from the dropdown menu, the “FORM” would change.

Thanks !



For NAS SVM data LIF for any one node is sufficient.


For SAN SVM where data LIF for each node is required starting IP is taken as input and next IP is autogenerated used in loop.

There is a sample workflow for this "Create and configure SAN Storage Virtual Machine" you can get more info from this workflow.


I have the following proposal:

  • Use the filter, “Filter nodes by cluster”, this would return the node names of a cluster.
  • Use the command “Create Logical Interface” to loop through the rows returned by a Filter “Filter nodes by cluster”

This approach will not require any user interface changes, you need cluster information, so based on that you will loop through the nodes and create a lif per node.

Pre-requisites for the approach:

  • You need to have the IP Address with continuous numbering (ex: if you are creating lif’s on 4 nodes, then you need to have IP addresses like,,,
  • Use the function nexIPByIncrement to increment the IP’s and use this in the command’s instance of create logical interface.

Please let me know if you face any issues.