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How to move OCUM 6.3 instance to another server




I moved an OCUM 6.3 instance from a server (S1) to another server (S2)  (OCUM 6.3 is running on a RHEL 6.5)

The procedure used is:

- install the software on the new server S2

- backup the OCUM instance on S1

- stop the OCUM instance on S1

- restore the backup on the OCUM instance on S2

All seems working correctly since days but somthing worries me : each Object in OCUM have aresource key identifier

example : 063da002-97ac-43cab43b-264a7d256017:app_type=OCUM,type=resource_pool,uuid=fe7b4ee5-f1af-462a-823c-89e394442c4f

where the first part is relative to the OCUM instance id(063da002-97ac-43cab43b-264a7d256017)

After the move of the OCUM instance new created objects have resource key with another OCUM instance id (begening of the resource key string)

old objects keep the same resource key than before.


So my questions are:

- is it normal to get new OCUM instance id after this move

- is it good to be in this case (bad side effect ?)

- is it the good procedure to make such move


Thanks in advance for you help






Please find the answers for your questions below. Hope this helps.


Is it normal to get new OCUM instance id after this move?

       Each install of UM will have its own system id.

Is it good to be in this case (bad side effect ?)

       There should be no issue with this.

Is it the good procedure to make such move?

       If you need to retire an older server or relocate it, you could perform this action.



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