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How to query Performance Manager database



is there a way how to programatically access Performance Manager 6.1 (cluster-mode) database?


I have not found any Performance Manager API document. Nor I could access the MySQL database directly - it does not allow database login from unknown host.


I would like to report regular performance statistics (IOs consumed per volume, latencies etc.). As those values are already collected in perfmon database I would like to utilize it.







Lukas -

With Unified Manager 5.X Performance and Protection/Provisioning were in the same application.

There were many APIs to query for performance data in 5.X.

Performance Manager for Cluster Mode is now a separate application, at version 1.0.

I haven't yet seen any APIs to query it.

The one method I've seen to pull data out of Perf Mgr 1.0 is to export CSV files.

From the documentation:

"You can export information about all data displayed on the page you are viewing to a comma-separated variable (CSV) file.

You can then open the file in a text editor or spreadsheet application."

See the documentation at

There is the OnCommand Unified Manager 6.1 API Developer Guide:

You can also look at the DFM 6.0 APIs listed in the ZExplore utility that comes with the Manageability SDK.

Notice that the performance and other APIs listed for DFM 5.2 aren't there for 6.0.

I hope this response has been helpful to you...

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