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How to remove 1 of 2 instances of OPM 2.1.0RC1 in full integration mode with OCUM 6.4RC1


Hi all,


We have one legacy OPM instance named "chronos" and another OPM instance named "persephone" both linked in full intergation mode to our OCUM instance "hypnos".

I would like to remove completely the OPM instance persephone from our OnCommand environment.


How should I do that?


Both OPM instances are 2.1.0RC1 et OCUM is 6.4RC1.


Thanks for your help.




Hi, Jerome,


We do not support removal of OPM from UM.


When you run into your current scenario, from cloning or backup/restore of OPM, you need to


1. Shutdown the OPM that you no longer need, in your case, cronos.

2. You will still see this OPM from the Dashboard\Performance tab. If you attempt to access this OPM by clicking on it, it will still try to load it but nothing will come up. We will document this.


Hope this helps.




Hi Julia,


Thanks for your reply.

The insntance we want to remove is persephone, because:

1) we do not need it as we have chronos

2) it does not gather metrics from our clusters and we see bad pairing status on the OCUM dashboard

I'll try shutting down persephone and will keep you posted.




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