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Identification of DAS (Direct Attached Servers)




So I encountered a situation where customer said they have no fabric and their limited 2-4 servers are directly connected to arrays. Arrays are successfully discovered in OCI. Now the issues are:


1. Even though servers are directly connected to array FC ports, arrays FC port view in OCI showing inactive port.

2. I assume there will be no discovery of servers using AHR. I tried to checked the WWN of FC identify section, those servers not appear there.

3. I tried to manually identify those servers using add new device and provide WWN, IP, Name, Host details. But even after saving the changes, it is not appearing in host view.


Thanks in Advance.

Sunil Yadav 


Re: Identification of DAS (Direct Attached Servers)


Hey Sunil,


As a general rule, OCI doesn't support direct attached FC configurations.


Historically, OCI has relied upon FC switches to report port connectivity, and OCI's storage datasources are only required to report what ports exist, and not additionally report to what are they connected.


Part of the reason for this is that OCI needs to know both the WWPN and WWNN of what is connected, and it seems a fair number of storage arrays have trouble offering up the WWNN of what they are connected to.


What storage platform is in use in your direct attached FC configurations?



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Re: Identification of DAS (Direct Attached Servers)


Its EMC Clarrion/VNX

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