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Integration between OCI and ServiceNow?



I'm curious if there is any detailed documentation available on integrating OCI with ServiceNow.  Possibly on how to import data from OCI into ServiceNow?


I found the below pdf, but we are looking for something with more specific details.


Thank you!



Re: Integration between OCI and ServiceNow?


to be honest, not so sure about this. but maybe u can check with our SE team?

Re: Integration between OCI and ServiceNow?


Hey Julia,


OCI has a few different data flows:


OCI DWH - if you are more comfortable with SQL, and you are looking to pull longer term capacity and/or performance data, this is a good option


OCI REST API - if you want to work with OCI's near real time view of your environment, including all the performance samples that OCI stores, this is a good option


OCI's SNMP/Syslog support - if you want OCI to push incident notification as they happen, this may be the glue


So, in my weird role as a generalist OCI SE, I haven't had too many in depth involvements with OCI customers integrating with Service Now as I don't actually "own" specific accounts, but my understanding is that diffferent customers prioritize different goals for their ServiceNow integrations, and some are using multiple data feeds for a best of breed solution.


I will see if I can get some our of PS folks with more familiarity to weigh in



Re: Integration between OCI and ServiceNow?


I believe this is something that NetApp IT is doing.  Perhaps @stetson knows who to contant.



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Re: Integration between OCI and ServiceNow?


I have indeed spoken a lot about this.  I will defer to the experts @tpass and @vj for who are the official owners of this integration.  @maryjol and her team too might be good references if needed.  Thanks!

Re: Integration between OCI and ServiceNow?


Thanks, everyone, for the input!  Any information you might be able to provide would be most appreciated.

Re: Integration between OCI and ServiceNow?


Did you get any help from NetApp regarding documentation on how to integrate Service Now with OCI ?

Re: Integration between OCI and ServiceNow?


Hi Julia,


My name is Terry Pass. I am the Solution Architect who created the integration between OCI and ServiceNow.


I have a few docs i can share on once I sanitize them.  If you would like a demo I can provide that as well.


There are a few paths to creating an integation.


1.Is using our REST API to pull data out of OCI and push into ServiceNow - we have a PS engagment where we can deliver this integratoin to our customers.



2. Is using our JBDC interface to pull data into ServiceNow.  I can send you a white paper on the integration, it will provide more detail but not the exact how to.  The JBDC integrations uses sys_data_source to create the base set of tables in ServiceNow then transforms the data into the tables used in CMDB. 




  • The benefit of the integation is to introduce heterogenous sets of data for all the storage CI classes into the CMDB.
  • The second benefit introduces URL links for any CI OCI introduced to the CMDB.  This provides a URL link in CMDB for each CI, making it possible to click on the link opening the OCI product to the exact CI you were looking at in CMDB. 

Here is a link to the latest Solution Brief



Thank you



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Re: Integration between OCI and ServiceNow?


Hi Terry,


Can you please help us with "using our JBDC interface to pull data into ServiceNow" documentation ?


Best Regards,


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