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Issue with Approval Notifications


I am encountering an issue with WFA in sending email notifications for workflows that are pending approval. My logic is that anyone who has a user account as an "Admin" role, with notifications enabled, should be receiving emails for any jobs that are pending approval. However this is not the case. Notifications are only being sent to the user that initiated the request, with notifications turned on for their account. This is pointless, as the user already knows it is waiting for approval. We want the admin users to know, so that they can approve these workflows. Any help anyone could provide would be great.



Re: Issue with Approval Notifications



The use case behind sending notification to the original user that executed the workflow is to handle workflows that can last for a long time and requires some manual check/approval before continue to the next step


1. Removal of exports /CIFS and only after manual approval continue with volume removal

2. Migration of volumes - you can look at the "Migrate Volumes" sample workflow

In case you would like to send the notifications to other list users (can be all admins or any subset ) you can use place a DL (distribution list ) in the mail field of the operators.

We are also considering a future enhancement to send a daily mail to a list of users with the different workflow statutes .It may contain list of workflows pending for approvals

Re: Issue with Approval Notifications


My way around this was to use the Netapp certified "Send Email" command and just have that send an email to a distribution list just before it hits the approval point. If you don't have a DL handy you can probably just use a comma separated list of email addresses. Not sure if the Send Email command accepts multiple email addresses to send to but it wouldn't be too hard to add that functionality in, provided you know a bit of powershell.



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Re: Issue with Approval Notifications


Thank you both for your quick response and recommendations. For now the distribution list in the operator field will serve my purposes. The daily email would be a nice feature to see as well.

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