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Lots of question about Service Level Manager




I hope you will not be discouraged by so many questions


  •  Is OCUM or OPM mandatory for SLM to work ?
  • If OCUM or OPM is not mandatory but missing in SLM setting what features are lost ?
    • Does Conformance check use OPM counters or perf. counters directly from cluster ?
  • When importing workload what hapen if some workloads cannot be imported ?
    • Does this mean that QOS policy could not be applied to these workloads ?
    • Does this mean that storage pool budgeting could not take into account these workloads and so distort results ?
  • Volumes with both CIFS and NFS shares seems to be unimportable in SLM 1.0. Right ? Some plan to support it on future release ?
    • When we have on a volume with several qtrees with CIFS and NFS shares defined on them, Can SLM manage SLO/QOS on this volume which hosts these qtrees ?
  • What is the criteria used by SLM to provision a volume into a storage pool (aggregate)
    • available space in the storage pool: OK
    • available IOPS on storage pool. QUESTION HERE:
      • Only based on budgeting and not on the real measured IOPS ?
    • requested space: OK
    • requested SLO: QUESTION HERE
      • How IOPS limit is computed from SLO while the used volume size is 0  ?
      • Use Absolute Minimum IOPS parameter ?
  • What is IOPS limit set on the volume QOS policy
    • SLO peak (IOPS/TB) * volume used size (TB) ?
    • SLO Expected (IOPS/TB) * volume used size (TB) ?
    • ... ?
  • More general question: How SLO parameters are used to set QOS or check conformance, etc...
    • Peak IOPS/TB
    • Expected IOPS/TB
    • Peak Latency
    • Initial Peak IOPS Allocation
    • Over-subscribe Expected IOPS
    • Absolute Minimum
  • Something I do not understand in the documentation. That look controdictory for me about the provision of new workloads. Thanks to clarify
    • Page 6: Standard capacities: Automatic provisioning per the storage service level by using APIs
    • Page 9: Configuring new workloads for using storage service levels (SSLs) and service level objective-based (SLO-based) APIs involves enabling the SLO advanced license
    • in my understanding "configuring new workload" means "provisioning new workload" but maybe I am worng


Thanks in advance for your patience



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