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Migrating DFM 5.0.2 (Windows) to a new site/hostname running DFM 5.2.0.


We are migrating the 7-Mode DFM/Protection/Performance server from the current datacenter to a new datacenter, and in the process will be upgrading the DFM version and DFM hostname.  DFM database is hosted on iSCSI LUN which has been snapmirrored to the new datacenter.  Problems encountered when attempting to point the new DFM server dfm database settings at the iSCSI drive.

Both old and new DFM hosts are Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1

oldDFMhost running DFM v5.0.2

newDFMhost running DFM v5.2.0.16233

First attempt:

1. dfm service stop on oldDFMhost

2. final snapmirror update of iSCSI LUN to new data center.

3. snapmirror quiesce and break

4. snapdrive 6.5 connect iSCSI LUN to mount point on newDFMhost

5. dfm service start sql on newDFMhost

6. dfm database set on newDFMhost

Result was screen displayed database conversion percentage working its way up to 100% where it then hung and prompt never came back.

Second (and multiple) attempts:

1. snapdrive disconnect iscsi drive from newDFMhost

2. snapmirror resync from source iscsi LUN on oldDFMhost

3. dfm backup create -t snapshot  on oldDFMhost

4. snapmirror update, quiesce, break.

5. snapdrive 6.5 connect iSCSI LUN to mount point on newDFMhost

6. dfm service start sql on newDFMhost

7. dfm database restore "dfmbackup snapshot name.sndb"

Result was no restore progress, just an immediate failure.


1. What is correct process for database conversion when loading a DFM 5.0.2 database into a DFM 5.2.0 server ( ideally utilizing the DFM snapshot backup ).





Hi Rick,

You need to restore the database to a running instance of UM on the new server - it is not clear from your steps if that was attempted. 

Your first attempt was not a valid upgrade path, although it might have worked had all the paths and UM version been the same between the servers.