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Modify default Performance Manager 7.x Alert email template to include event description


Hello everyone.

Our organization is looking for a way to modify the default Performance Manager 7.x Alert email template to include event description.

It can be added to the body, or subject and body.  Either would be helpful


We have completed reading many good discussions on the community, but we are still unsure if this can be done, and how step by step, to accomplish the task.


We have seen various ideas, a few samples, but nothing on the official process.  Also, I am not a script, or SDK ,or API expert.  I was hoping for a simple procedure to follow, which can simply do the following:


1)      Take default email template used by all the alert events.

2)      Modify the template (or default script) to include the Event Alert description.

3)      So, when we open the alert event email message, we can see the description of the reported issue, and determine if we must login to Perf Manager and investigate, or ignore.


We get a lot of QOS Policy events where the volume is limited by the QOS.  This is by our design.  So, we often get the emails and have to login to PerManager to check them, but if we can see these are just QOS emails, we can see the details direct in the email, and we can disregard.  Vs. other alerts, if details are included in the email alert message, we can quickly take further action if needed.


Any procedure, to apply this change to 'all' of the alerts would be fine.  Is there a single default script which can be adjusted, and applied to all alerts to include Event Description?


Your input or comments would be greatly appreciated.