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NFS Host Lists



I've been working on a workflow that creates a volume and specifies a list of RW and Root hosts, based on another variable. Everything appears to work correctly; a new volume is created and a new entry is added to the exports file. However, when I try to mount this export from a server that I have specified as a rw host, I get permission denied. I cannot mount this export until I run exportfs -a on the filer.

I found that specifying the hosts lists with colon-delimited format ":" results in the above behavior. When I specify the list with comma-delimited format "," I receive the expected behavior - the export is available immediately.

Since these lists are supposed to be specified with a colon based on the exports file syntax, shouldn't this work? Could this be a WFA bug or an issue with the command?



If you look at the command's description and the description of the input parameter(s) in the tool-tip, it clearly says that it expects a comma ',' separated list of hosts.

Description for Command "Create Export":

Creates an NFS export and sets it up. Comma separated list may be supplied to grant read-only, read-write and root privileges to specified hosts.

The Path parameter refers to a persistent path that can be applied.

So it works as designed.

The delimiter used is ','.

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