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NMC is extremely slow while loading Performance Advisor views over the Network


So, We have oncommand Core 5.1 on a huge physical server, 24 core, 32GB of ram, servicing 200 Filers, with Performance Advisor enabled on about 170 filers.  PA data is currently 200GB+

When I launch the NMC directly from the server, PA is flying and I can move around the screens without issue.

When I fire up the NMC and try to load PA from my desktop over a 1Gb connection it can barely work.  All i'm presented with is a moving bar that goes back and forth.

I'm wondering if the issue is either my desktop or there is something causing the WAN/LAN to affect the NMC. 

Any thoughts or suggestions are more than welcome.





    The general recommendation is to run NMC on box other than the server. Else there is resource contention between the server and NMC.

One thing I can suggest is to install NMC within the same LAN and launch it from a jump host instead of your Desktop and see if you encounter the same.





Ok, that's not scalable, especialy when supporting a global enviroment with 200+ filers.   I never had the problem before running the NMC remotely for Performance Advisor.     So what does Netapp Recommend for supporting a global enviroment if only one instance of NMC can be run with Performance Advisor running?