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Need detailed pdf for using Netapp OCI Powershell Cmdlets


Hi All,



Can anyone please provide docs/pdf which will briefly explain about usage of Powershell cmdlets for OCI.


I've installed the OCI Powershell cmdlets using  "Install-Module OnCommand-Insight"


Once After install i'm able to connect the OCI server
"$Credential = Get-Credential
Connect-OciServer -Name myserver.mydomain.tld -Credential $Credential -Insecure"


After that, Not sure what the issue is what ever the cmdlet i try .. Im getting the output in xml format.


Can anyone please share any doc/pdf which briefly expalin about usage and example of Powershell cmdlets for OCI.


Looking forward for your responses eagerly.









you can execute upate-help in powershell, so you get the inline documentation for all the commandlets. Also you can give ISEsteroids a try, there you get additional functions available like a sidebar.



cheers Ingo





Are there any JAVA API's or equivalents for the OCI PowerShell Cmdlets?




If so, can you point me in the right direction.


Hi Koushik,


there is a tutorial file available at GitHub containing some usage examples:





Hi Sbrack,


Thanks for the github link. I've gone through the specified steps and it worked out till connect-ocicontroller.


Apart from that none of the commands seems to be working out.


Get-OciStorages  cmdlet outputs default xml fomat and its same for any cmdlet.


Can you please help out.. did i missed anything ?




where i can  down Powershelf for OnCommand Insight?


Hello there,


just in case you did not find it: just open the PowerShell on any recent Windows (or Server) with an working internetconnection and run this commando, it will install you the latest version of the module:


Install-Module -Name OnCommand-Insight


You can also download it from: PowerShell Gallery


hope that helped

cheers Ingo
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