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Uptime report using OCI or OCUM


Is it possible either using OCI or OCUM to create a report that would show uptime of a particular storage node? I need to report on this for SLA's. I know it is not as simple as some would make it out to be because there are many things that can affect whether an application actually sees it's storage, but for starters I am thinking we could just report on uptime of the nodes. In a quick look though I am not seeing that as something I could easily report on from OCI or OCUM and want to see if it is even possible before I waste any more time.



Hi @snyderro 


You can try to use NetApp Harvest, Harvest have a dashboard for Nodes uptime.


And you can use NABOX to easily deployment the Harvest.




OCI does not naturally have node uptime. 


I no longer know OCUM well enough to say whether it would have the data or not.  


ASUP used to have this as a key metric, so it is probably in ActiveIQ somewhere.  It was based on analysis of logs after restart events.  If you use ASUP/ActiveIQ, that may be your easiest path to reporting this metric.  




i think that starting to measure the uptime can come and bite you back.

high uptime can be actually showing a bad service, rather good (no known issue mitigation. no security patching, no perf improvements, no full support).

i can suggest the following measurements:

Amount of P1/P2 cases

AVG Length of case being open in active status

System performance breach


You can ask the netapp account rep of partner for the data (i coulden't extract it from the support site).



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK
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