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New Aggregate Add Disk From Different Enclosure




I've just added a new disk enclosure to an existing FAS3210 controller. I've assigned the first 12 disks to controller1 and the rest 12 disks to controller 2. Then from OnCommand System Manager, I created an aggreagte selecting 11 disks from controller1 nad 11 disks from controller2, 1 RAID-DP each. The problem is the raid group use 10 of the disks from the new enclosure and 1 disk from the old enclosure although when creating the aggregate I only chose the new disk enclosure. How is this possible, and should I worry about this or just leave it as it is now?


New disk enclosure ID: 22

Old disk enclosure ID: 00


Thank you in advance for your help.




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Dont know really what would have happened. Is there a chance that one of the disks that you selected was faulty/different type or any other incompatibility was there? ONTAP sometimes may take a decision on  its own and detrmine which disk is best suited for that raidgroup based on best practices. I dont think it is going to adversely  affect the aggregate or any volumes because of this. But if you are eally concerned about it, you may use the "disk replace" command to replace that particular disk with another one of your choice  from the spare pool. Please note that in future, if any of those disks fail, ONTAP may replace the failed disk with a spare, even from a different shelf too.


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