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OCI 7.1 Discover VNX via UniSphere...anyone?


Anyone know if a, you can do this and/or b, if it's road mapped for OCI?


Having to configure navicli seems like the long way for VNX managed by UniSphere via HTTP.




Re: OCI 7.1 Discover VNX via UniSphere...anyone?




If your VNX is a unified file+block array, that is a celerra control station at the front end and a clariion at the back end, you'd just nedd ssh connectivity to the celerra control station, where we can run NaviCLI/NaviSecCLI commands against the backend array utilizing the DART OS NAS heads.


In case your VNX is block-only, that is just a clariion with thwo service processors, you'd have to use NaviCLI from the OCI server. I can tell from experience that installing NaviCLI is not a big deal. It's a matter of a couple of minutes.


I hope this helps.


Kind regards,


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