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OCI 7.1 WEB UI User log out




How can I config the auto logo out time for the OCI 7.1 WEB UI Server ?

The user was logged out after 30 min idle time.





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Refer page 45.

From the Insight Client menu, select Tools > Settings.

In the left panel of the Settings dialog box, select the General Preferences option.

Log out of OnCommand Insight when idle Number of minutes the user is idle before logging out: Enter the number of minutes that users can remain idle before the system logs them out. Five minutes prior to this, users receive a warning indicating that they will be logged out in five minutes, if they do not initiate any activity.

To save settings on this view and continue with other settings, click Apply; otherwise, click OK

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Re: OCI 7.1 WEB UI User log out


This instruction applies to the Java UI, not the Web UI.  I have the client log out set to 120 minutes.  The Web UI times out much, much faster than that.  Is there any way to extend the timeout for the Web UI?  I haven't noticed a setting anywhere.  We are currently running 7.1.1 in this environment.


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Re: OCI 7.1 WEB UI User log out



I know, this is for Java Client. We also use 7.1.1 but Netapp has no Documentation about the WEB UI config, i think the User log out after idle time is probably a config file in the file system.

Where are the Netapp OCI Experts  Smiley Wink

Re: OCI 7.1 WEB UI User log out


There is no way on OCI 7.1.x to adjust the webUI idle timeout. My understanding is that iit is 30 minutes.

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Re: OCI 7.1 WEB UI User log out


Thank´s Matt


That's right 30min

Is a configuration options plans for the next release ? 

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