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OCI DWH 7.1 Customer Dashboard



By default, Cognos Report shows the "Storage Manager Dashboard" tab when a user logs in.

We create our own Dashboard ,  Is there anyway to set this Dasboard as the start page for all Users in the group ReportingBIConsumer


Thanks Michael


Re: OCI DWH 7.1 Customer Dashboard


Hi Michael,


Browse to your new dashboard in the reporting engine, then use the arrow by the home icon in Cognos and choose Set View as Home.





Re: OCI DWH 7.1 Customer Dashboard


hi Bryan,


Thank's , but my Problem is we have a lot of Users and we want following , when the User logged in (first login) they should only see your Customized Dasboard which he have access rights.

In the orginal IBM Cognos you can Add all the tabs to the default user's profile, and give proper permission to each tab so that only the required groups has access to the tab, and you can config in server.xml

<param name="hideInaccessibleTabs">true</param>, so the User see only tabs they have access to.


We don't no how OCI works , use OCI the default user profile from cognos name space when  User logged  in and so .... an we can´t found any Informations or Documentation about how OCI with Cognos cooperates.


Thank's Michael

Re: OCI DWH 7.1 Customer Dashboard


I don't believe there is a way to change the default landing page for existing users in Cognos - you have to go through them one-by-one. You can, however, edit the 'default' user profile, which should mean that any new users that log in should inherit the landing page you set for the default.  See the link below for how to do this:


Congos KB page

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