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Unable to connect to netapp filers



Irecently installed Balance in our environment,and for some reason I am unable to establish connection to out filers. I get the following error, and I have enabled these features.


We could not find a NetApp storage system located at the specified address. Have you entered the correct FQDN/IP address?

httpd options enabled:

httpd.admin.enable           on

httpd.enable                 on

I can telnet to both 443 and 80 ports.

Any ideas?





I have been serching for the same issue... The soultion is to set some parameters to you controller 


options tls.enable on

options httpd.admin.enable on


Kind Regards,




Hi Alberto,

I would recommend reviewing the following KB articles below;  often this issue is a DNS lookup problem where Balance is not able to resolve one of the host names (shortname) for the HA pair.  My suggestions would be to make sure the prospect is running the latest release of balance and performing a "nslookup" on the FQDN, IP and Hostname for "BOTH" nodes in a HA pair.  Also, under the admin--> Configuration tab, Enter the prospects [Domain Search name] e.g  

This KB Article is customer facing:

This KB Article is NOT customer facing and is Internal Only. The root credential is required and cannot be shared outside of NetApp.

best regards,

Don Bourque

OnCommand Insight SE


Thank you for your reply. I have done most of it, except for this:

1. Log into OnCommand Balance as root and edit the /etc/hosts file with the following information.

Note: This option requires NetApp support. filera filerb

My thinking is that I can configure the host file as indicated here, I may be able to get this working BUT I unable to connect as root. I can connect as netapp/netapp, and all I get is the following:

Welcome to the Balance Advanced Management Tool

Current status: Running

Discovered Interfaces = eth0: Enabled

Main Menu:


Hi Alberto,  A CSS support Escalation engineer can get you access as root. The Engineering root password is not typically passed out.   I would be happy to assist you and we can discuss offline if you would like to contact me directly.

OnCommand Insight SE

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