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OCI Data source failing error


Some of the data sources are failing with the error:


"Inventory Package has reported conflicting device(s)" .I found some solutions stating that the device is being reported by multiple data sources.

Is there any other reason for such kind of errors. What is the solution to fix this error.


Re: OCI Data source failing error


Hi Aravind,
It looks like the same device is being discovered more than once by multiple datasources, hence leading to the error messages. 
This is most likely due to the configuration setting “Discover all Fabric switches”. You can either create one datasource for each FC switch or you can configure one datasource per Fabric (and then turn on the Discover all Fabric switches feature). If you have done the former and have this setting enabled, you may run into this issue.
If this is the case, you may want to “Edit” the corresponding datasource and uncheck the “Discover all Fabric switches” checkbox and see the issue status. Once the datasource is automatically reconfigured after the change, the message should ideally disappear.



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Re: OCI Data source failing error


Update: In the upcoming OnCommand Insight 7.2 release, A new widget is available that will detect and report that the same datasource is monitored twice. 

Re: OCI Data source failing error



do you mean that if a device is monitored by two different data sources,then it will be reported.

Re: OCI Data source failing error


That is correct the device is being monitored by more than one datasource.


Inventory Package has reported conflicting device message within OCI Data Source Report


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OnCommand Insight (OCI)


The following error message in Red on your data source report is displayed:

London_S219596SSAU0001okTRUELondon_s219596c9124f9002InventoryTue 01/05/16 03:48 AMCiscoAll models using SNMPInventory Package has reported conflicting device(s)

Multiple collections cause undue CPU and memory cycles on both the OCI server and the device itself.


We have one or more Data sources collecting on the same device or devices.

The latency and slow device is caused by response by these unnecessary duplication of effort.

Duplicates have also been known to cause DWH ETL failure as well and in older version's of OCI DB corruption.


Determine which other Data Sources are collecting on the same device and use the exclusion feature within the Data Source configuration to correct the multiple collections.




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When 7. 2 releases you will need to add the widget below 


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