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OCI 7.2.2 SMTP configuration - "Test" missing?


We are trying to set up email notifications for performance policies. I have set up all of the SMTP settings under Admin - Notifications. However, it appears that there is no way to test the email settings. In older versions I seem to recall that there was a "Test" button where you could see if your settings were actually working. In 7.2.2 there is only a "Save" button.


So, how do we test our SMTP settings in 7.2.2 to see if we have entered all of the required fields correctly and everything is working? Currently, we aren't getting any email notifications.


Thanks. --Don


Re: OCI 7.2.2 SMTP configuration - "Test" missing?


Hey Don,


That is really weird.


We have a "Test Connection" feature in the realm of OCI ASUP settings, under "Setup". You could try to:


Temporarily switch OCI ASUP to "email"

Click "Test Connection"


If it succeeds, OCI is talking to a mail server that accepts its messages.

If it fails, reading the bottom of



May be interesting.


I will file a bug on this (I think this ought not to be a RFE, because I think we used to have a test button)



Re: OCI 7.2.2 SMTP configuration - "Test" missing?


Thanks Matt. I did test it through ASUP and it did say "Success". So I guess it's working. Agreed that they should figure out what happened to the original SMTP "Test" functionality. Now I can move on to figure out the rest of the notification workings.



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