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OCI 7.Xand BMC Atrium 8.X and BMC DATA PUMP 3.1.05.



Hello All,


Please, I have a customer with OCI 7.0.0 integrated with BMC Atrium 8.X and BMC DATA PUMP 3.1.05.

They are bumping in several product issues, so i'm going to propose an upgrade, but i cannot find any supportability matrix for OCI 7.1 and BMC.


In any case , i'm writing to ask your help, I have several choices:


1) Apply the latest patch  the latest patch for 7.0.0 : please I need the right path on


2) install oci.  7.0.2.  : I need information about the supportability matrix with bmc


3)  install Oci 7.1  : I need information about the supportability matrix bmc


I' m going to customer site tomorrow.  So I would like to know the best for their.


In the while , they had some problems with BMC BPPM and our snmp trap. I gathered wireshark trace, so i need your opinion if our

packets are right. In attach the WStrace and the files compiled by BPPM for our mib.




Best regards


Romeo Cesarato




Hey Romeo,


Getting the customer off of OCI 7.0.0 is a good idea - there has been a ton of enhancements since then.


Our partner who wrote the BMC connector is working to update the support matrix within a month. However, we are fairly confident that OCI 7.1.0 or 7.0.x will not have any problems with it as it sits today - the connector is using dwh_inventory data, and the changes to that data mart have been additive, so the risk of breakage is very low