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OCI Data Source Service Pack 4 for 7.3.1+ shipped last week


Hey all,


We shipped Data Source Service Pack for for OCI 7.3.[1-4] last week. As always, you should install the latest service pack to keep your data source code up to date.


There are not a ton of new features in SP4, but it does add NetApp SolidFire volume to volume replication relationship support. We promoted a few datasources out of "beta" status


Edit: We had to make a subtle naming change as the original SP4 was built in a way that would not allow for installation on OCI 7.3.4. "SP04" is the same content, but built to be applicable to OCI 7.3.[1-4]. The URL below has been updated accordingly.


SP4 is available to OCI customers here -> https://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/download/software/sanscreen/7.3SP04/





Hey Matt


We installed SP4 on OCI 7.3.2 SP3 , but now our 3 VMware Vcenter deliver no Performance Data.

could not retrieve performance for host group 

2018-11-05 10:29:15,917 ERROR [com.onaro.sanscreen.acquisition.datasource.vmware.VmPerformanceState] [hostvirtualization] VCENTERxxxxx- could not retrieve performance for host group: group3
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.NullPointerException

Is it possible to uninstall SP4?





Hey Michael,


That is extremely surprising - there are not any fixes related to VMware performance in SP4 for anyone that has SP3 installed. The only VMware changes in SP4 are


A workaround for EMC ScaleIO (ScaleIO is a proprietary storage platform whose client software on ESX introduces fake FC HBAs whose WWNs are not very unique. In large VMware environments, one can have duplicative fake WWNs, which OCI's datasource used to detect and fail on). OCI now pretends these fake ScaleIO HBAs do not exist.


And a minor supportability improvement where we are logging the vSphere build number so we can quickly understand against which vSphere release+update a given datasource is talking to.


We do not support uninstalling Service Packs - if a Service Pack introduces a problem, we will need to fix it with a patch.


Hey Matt


Exactly, I saw no changes in the readme file for VMware Performance .

I open a case [removed personal information] and hope for a quick solution.





Thanks Michael, you handled that beautifully.


I have looked over what you have uploaded with the case, and it is extremly odd - OCI defaults to having 4 worker threads per Vmware performance poll, so the group0-3 messages relate to each of those worker threads. It looks like OCI's VMware datasource is throwing a null pointer exception on each of those 4, and this seems very consistent across the periodic performance polls this datasource is making.


I have opened an engineering issue on this for you




Hi Matt,


Getting a 404 with this link


Hey Juan,


Thanks for calling that out - we had to re-post SP4 as SP04 due to a hiccup in our process. The original SP4 wasn't installable onto OCI 7.3.4, and it should have been. SP04 is named as such because apparently the support website doesn't allow for replacements.



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