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OCI Data Source Service Pack is out!


Hey all,


Last Thursday was Thanksgiving in the US, but was also the day NetApp released:


OnCommand Insight 7.0.2

OnCommand Insight Service Pack


The Service Pack is for OCI 7.0.1 users who want to get the data collection capabilities of OCI 7.0.2, but do not want to perform a full OCI upgrade to OCI 7.0.2. Data source service packs need to be installed on OCI operational servers, and any OCI Remote Acquisition Units (RAU).


I am making this post to call out specifically some great data source capabilities now available:


IBM SVC OS firmware 7.3.x performance support - applicable for SVC, as well as IBM vNNNN arrays that run SVC OS as well


3par 3.1.3 firmware support


HDS VSP G1000 / HP XP7 performance support


HDS HiCommand / HP CommandView AE HTTPS support


Clariion CX4 / VNX Block node modelling - visibility into which volume is owned by which SP, as well as SP CPU utilization and IOPs for OCI Perform customers


Cisco datasource enhancement - you can now perform inclusions, or exclusions, and now do so by using CIDR subnets or asterisk (*) wildcards. Previously, you may have wanted to avoid OCI's fabric discovery from traversing FCIP links across multiple datacenters, and in order to do so, you could only exclude switches by building an exclusion list of all their IP addresses, which could be difficult to maintain. Now you have the ability to have a Cisco datasource pointed at, and set the datasource for fabric discovery, include, and use an inclusion filter like 1.2.3.* or - this will result in this datasource only discovering as well as all the switches that switch sees in its fabrics/VSANs within the 1.2.3.___ subnet = far easier to maintain


There are a wide variety of additional fixes and minor enhancements included as well.