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OCI Data Source Service Pack 8 for OCI 7.2.x shipped last week...


SP8 is the last Data Source Service Pack for OCI 7.2.x - while OCI 7.2.x is still supported, the vast majority of OCI customers have upgraded to 7.3.x, so there isn't much justification for future service packs. If you are still on 7.2.x, you really ought to be planning an upgrade to OCI 7.3.x - there are a lot of nice enhancements you are missing out on.


SP8 adds support for the Vmax 950F, RecoverPoint 5.x, IBM A9000 flash arrays, NetApp SolidFire volume replication, along with an assortment of bug fixes.


OCI customers can read the release notes for SP8 here ->



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