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OCI New Disk Model - help on string to use


Hello folks,

Can someone please help with the correct string to use for H4SMM328 CLAR800?


We have added a new Clariion and the data source is failing for this new disk type.  Any words of wisdom?  I can usually Google and find what I need, but I seem to be coming up short on this one.  


Thank you!





Hi Julia,


This is most likely an 800GB SSD with a 600GB/s SAS interface. But since it is an internal name of the array, I can't be entirely sure, so better double check in Unisphere.


In case I'm right, put the following line into the file %SANSCREEN_HOME\wildfly\standalone\deployments\datasources.war\new_disk_models.txt


H4SMM328 CLAR800,HITACHI,H4SMM328 CLAR800,1000000,800,SSD,0.1,500.0,600.0,


Please not that "H4SMM328 CLAR800" could actually contain two white spaces, you can put in a 2nd line with two white spaces in "H4SMM328 CLAR800", like so:


H4SMM328  CLAR800,HITACHI,H4SMM328  CLAR800,1000000,800,SSD,0.1,500.0,600.0,



It will take up to 15 minutes before OCI parses the new_disk_models.txt file again and the datasource acq works.


Hope this helps,


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